De-Icing Agents

Kompan strongly recommends de-icing agents not be placed on the concrete placed by Kompan. De-icing agents artificially expand the freeze/thaw cycle that creates spalling, chipping and surface “pops” that develop in concrete in the Northern Ohio geographic area. While such surface imperfections may be objectionable for aesthetic reasons, such spalling may not adversely affect the structural integrity of the flatwork placed by Kompan. By reason that most municipal entities in Northern Ohio utilize de-icing agents on thoroughfares throughout the area, and Kompan cannot control for such de-icing agents being tracked onto the concrete placed by Kompan, Kompan specifically disclaims any warranty for surface defects arising in any way from de-icing agents being placed or otherwise deposited upon the surface of any concrete placed by Kompan.

Kompan endeavors to minimize settling, expansion, contraction and cracking of the concrete it places. However, concrete placed on grade will crack, expand, contract and settle to a certain degree beyond the control of Kompan and despite Kompan’s best efforts to minimize the same. Kompan specifically disclaims any warranty regarding settling or cracking proximately caused by the work of others, or instability of subsurface condition.

Kompan is not a manufacturer or supplier of concrete, and by reason of commercial necessity, purchases all concrete from commercial suppliers in the area proximate to the work completed by Kompan. By reason of the foregoing, Kompan specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any concrete purchased by Kompan from other suppliers.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The concrete placed in accordance with the above is sold “as is” with all faults. There are no warranties, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Kompan disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability of the concrete placed hereby or of the fitness of the same for any purpose, and buyer agrees that the concrete placed in accordance herewith is sold “as is”.